Counseling at CMH

The Counseling Department at CMH is a great resource for both students and families offering an organized program of activities that are designed to support the spiritual, academic, personal and career/college needs of each student.

  • Each counselor is committed to meet and get to know all of his or her students on an individual basis.
  • Counselors work to assist students and families by mapping out a 4-year high school plan.
  • Outside of day to day assistance that is given, yearly one-on-one conferences are set up with sophomores, juniors and seniors to discuss class selections for the next year along with career and college planning.
  • The Counseling Department also offers a seminar to assist families with the career/college planning process.

2017-2018 Stats

• Class of 2018 earned $16.9 million dollars in scholarship money
• 95% university matriculation to either a 2- or 4-year college or university; 3% to a technical college; 1% military; and 1% other
• 3 students admitted to the U.S. Naval Academy from the Class of 2018
• From the Class of 2018, 15 students were admitted to Marquette; 28 students were admitted to UW-Madison; 36 students enrolled in a Catholic/Jesuit University in the U.S.
• Students from the Class of 2018 were admitted to Boston University, Penn State, University of Rochester, University of San Francisco, UC-Berkeley, Miami University, Cornell University and many more.
• 31 IB Diploma candidates and 10 IB Career-Certificate candidates have participated in the assessments
• 24.7 ACT Composite (Class of 2017 – Class of 2018’s score unavailable at publishing.)
• In 2017-2018, there were 4 National Merit Finalists, 3 National Merit Commended Scholars and 1 National Hispanic Recognition Scholar
• 35 students scored a 30+ on the ACT and 1 student earned a perfect score (36)
• 44 students from the Class of 2019 participated in an ACT workshop sponsored by the Counseling Dept.
• CMH has international students from 5 countries (Spain, China, France, Germany & South Korea)


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