Innovative Learning at Catholic Memorial

The CMH Innovation Wing is a cutting edge, 21st century learning space that was built and finished last Spring to complement “Memorial Propel,” a CMH trademarked design-thinking and creative problem solving process.

The Innovation Wing consists of seven Innovation Labs that provide teachers and students with multi-functional, collaborative, and active learning areas for every subject. Each Innovation Lab is equipped with an attached breakout room to accommodate multiple group activities and meetings with specialist student mentors.

The Innovation Wing also hosts additional study and meeting spaces for students to work individually or in groups. The enhanced technology in the space allows students and teachers to creatively present material.

With the opening of the Innovation Wing, students are getting the opportunity to experience a diverse and flexible space to enhance their learning styles and problem solving skills.

Memorial Propel

Memorial Propel is a design thinking process that was created in 2013 by a team of 3 CMH educators. This process is a problem-solving tool that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, critical thinking, and communication skills. It was modeled after industry processes, but written to be used in an academic setting. In 2016 Time-Warner presented CMH with a STEMMY Award. Memorial PROPEL is integrated across all content areas of the CMH curriculum. Faculty and students are continually trained in this award-winning process.