Academic Resource Center (ARC)

The Academic Resource Center, commonly called the ARC, is a space completely dedicated to student support. The space was renovated over the summer of 2015 to include all areas for student support and now houses the academic student support and study space along with the counseling and campus ministry offices.

The ARC is the place where students on any academic level can pursue educational excellence through a variety of learning techniques. Students may be assigned to the ARC during a study hall or self-report on a need basis. The ARC includes computers with wireless access, quiet rooms, learning labs and an area for students to collaborate as a group or work individually.

At every hour during the school day 3-5 teachers across all departments (Math, Writing, Science, World Languages, etc.) as well as a Learning Resource Specialist are available for students who are struggling or need help in any subject area. At any given hour when a student has a study hall or free period, they will always be able to get help in the ARC.


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  • How do I access the ARC?

    Students who are eligible for the Study Resource Option program may use the ARC during scheduled study hall. Students report directly to the ARC for attendance. Students who are not eligible for SRO (including all Freshmen) may use the ARC as needed during study hall, but must obtain a pass in advance from the study hall teacher.

    Hours: Monday-Friday: 7:00 a.m. until 3:30 p.m.

    ARC Location: Enter front doors, go up the stairs, take a right, and go through the doorway. The Academic Resource Center is at the end of the hallway.
  • What resources are available in the ARC?

    The Academic Resource Center provides CMH students with an exceptional learning environment. A variety of learning areas are available to assist students with their academic success:
    • Learning Resource Specialist
    • Academic aides
    • 3-5 teachers are available throughout the day from areas of study such as math, science and writing
    • Students can work in quiet groups or individually
    • Computer access to work on research and assignments
  • What does a Learning Resource Specialist offer?

    Mrs. Angela Flanagan is available in the ARC daily to assist students with their academic success. A few of the things she can help students with are:
    • Assisting students in learning new study strategies to help them learn new academic material, so they can improve their grades and knowledge retention.
    • Staying in touch with teachers in order to provide another layer of support for students, so they can be successful in the classroom.
    • Classes on how to study and how to take tests.
    • Acting as the liaison with the School District of Waukesha for testing and re-evaluating students who have learning disabilities.
    • Attending Individual Educational Plan (IEP) meetings with students and parents.
    • Providing accommodations and modifications for student testing.
    • Supporting freshmen students' transition to high school based on test scores or by parents' request.
    • Working with students who may need a reader for testing.
  • What is the role of the Inclusivity Leader?

    Dr. Mónica Olague-Marchan's work focuses on the Memorial Value of Inclusiveness: to hospitably set a place at the table for every family at CMH, to foster caring engagement with all people in our school community and the world, while recognizing the limitations of our own perspective.
  • Where did the library go?

    A study was conducted in 2007 to see how Catholic Memorial students were using the books available in the library. The study found that students were not utilizing the physical books as much anymore for research and assignments, but were instead finding the information they needed online.

    The CMH Library was renovated and became the new Czarnecki Family Academic Resource Center in 2015 as part of the Crusading for Excellence Campaign. Not only does the ARC include ample workspace and computers for online research, but it's essentially a "one stop shop" for student support services. Students can come into the ARC with college questions, for spiritual direction, to get connected with the groups and clubs that match their interests, and to gain academic support.

    CMH holds subscriptions for online encyclopedias and information libraries, and has partnerships with Carroll University Library and the Waukesha Public Library, where students are able to access digital and physical resources.


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  • Photo of Angela Flanagan

    Angela Flanagan 

    Academic Resource Specialist
  • Photo of Mónica Olague-Marchán

    Mónica Olague-Marchán 

    Inclusivity Leader