Catholic Memorial Rises

Return to School. Stay in School.

When the COVID-19 pandemic forced us to close our building, none of us could have imagined that we would not return until now. We are so grateful for the way this community came together – while staying apart – to support our students. We are excited to welcome our students back to campus, five days a week for in-person instruction beginning August 14!
Our goal is to not only return to school but to stay in school. That will require all of us working together as one community to protect the vulnerable among us. To that end, we have developed Catholic Memorial Rises: Return. Respect. Protect.

Our plan was developed in accordance with guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Waukesha County Health Department. We also sought insights from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Our recommendations were informed by a special advisory committee comprised of CMH parents with expertise in healthcare, law, human resources, and facilities, as well as our administration and a team of faculty.
In addition to our Catholic Memorial mission and values, our guiding principles include a commitment to protecting the health of our employees, students, families, and the larger CMH community; and continuing to provide an exceptional, rigorous, faith-filled education to each of our students.
We know that we will need to respond to the evolving health situation and new requirements from health experts may require us to pivot again. Our main priority must remain the health and safety of everyone at Catholic Memorial, our students, our faculty and staff, and our families.

Catholic Memorial Rises: Return. Respect. Protect. 
ensures that regardless of what the school year brings, we maintain the same level of rigor in our academics, connection to our faith, and sense of community.

Frequently Asked Questions

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    Will CMH’s building be open in the fall for in-person instruction?
    Yes. It is our intent to start full-time, in person classes on Aug. 14 with Freshmen Orientation Day. All students will return as scheduled on Monday, Aug. 17.

    I am reluctant to send my child to school. What are my options?
    Select students may learn from home if they have a health issue, their parents are uncomfortable sending them to school in-person, are symptomatic, or have come into close contact with anyone who has tested positive for COVID-19. Please contact Principal Laura Anderson at 262-542-7836, ext. 511 or by email at

    What is the plan for instruction in the event individual classrooms, grades or schools are required to close temporarily or quarantine?
    While our goal is in-person learning, we will continue to follow the guidelines set forth by health officials, which may mean moving among the three different scenarios outlined in Catholic Memorial Rises. Return. Respect. Protect. All of our plans for the 2020-21 school year include the fundamental parts of a Catholic Memorial education—rigor, individualized support, faith-filled, and an outstanding and caring faculty.

    What will temporary remote learning look like? How will it be different than the spring 2020 virtual learning experience?
    We know from feedback for this spring that overall students, parents, and teachers all expressed preferences for scheduled, real-time learning. As a result, as much as possible, classes will be scheduled and held live. We want to ensure flexibility and as little interruption as possible if students or teachers need to be remote. Over the summer, a team of faculty worked together to ensure clear and consistent expectations and communications across classes, leveraging technology, developing new norms for the various instructional scenarios, and looking at assessments. More details can be found on page 11 of Catholic Memorial Rises. Return. Respect. Protect.

    Will my child require a medical excuse or need to have an underlying health condition to choose a full-time virtual option?
    A safe return to the building is our priority. However, we know that some parents may feel the need for their student to learn at home if there is a specific risk to the student or the family. Families need to make a commitment for the full quarter before its start and should communicate their child’s need for 100% online learning to Dean of Students Steve Plechaty.

    Will All-School Masses be held?
    For first semester or until the Catholic Comeback Plan allows otherwise, Fr. John Gibson will celebrate All-School Masses in the Our Lady of Memorial Chapel, and students will be able to view it using Microsoft Teams in GPS classroom small groups. Students learning from home will be able to view, and members of the Catholic Memorial community are also welcome to join. Students will receive spiritual communion at these times.

    Will Chapel Masses continue?
    GPS groups will attend Masses in person in the Our Lady of Memorial Chapel on a rotating basis to allow for proper distancing. Those attending live in the Chapel may receive the Holy Eucharist. There will be no music.

    Will students attend retreats this year?
    We are committed to offering these important faith experiences for our students. Final decisions about retreats will be communicated as the school year unfolds based on guidance from health authorities and venues.

    Will students and staff be required to wear face coverings?
    All employees, students, and visitors are required to wear face masks while in the building. Masks may be removed while eating meals or drinking. If instructed by a teacher, masks may not need to be worn outdoors if there is sufficient physical distancing. Masks are not required in private offices or classrooms if only occupied by individual employees. Masks should be constructed with a minimum of two layers of cotton. Bandanas, scarves, handkerchiefs, and neck tubes are not acceptable. The administration has the right to determine if a mask has inappropriate or offensive messaging, similar to dress code restrictions.

    How will social distancing work in classrooms with limited space?
    Classrooms will be arranged for maximum distance, and extra furniture will be removed. Desks will face the front of the room and seats will be assigned alphabetically. Some classes will be moved to larger spaces to support social distancing.

    School-wide assemblies, All-School Masses (See below for Campus Ministry), dances, large social events, field trips, and other large gatherings will not take place in their typical formats until further notice. We will explore streaming events to GPS classroom groups or other formats as appropriate.

    What cleaning and disinfecting plans and protocols will be in place?
    Additional rigorous cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting procedures will be added throughout our building during the day and overnight. We have hired an additional custodian and added additional tools to continuously and thoroughly clean the building and all common surfaces. Each evening, we will also use an electrostatic disinfectant machine. Students and teachers will wipe down desks, tables, and chairs with disinfectant wipes after each use.

    What will happen with students who are sent to the nurse with fevers or other COVID-19 symptoms?
    If a student or employee at school reports symptoms of COVID-19, they will be required to leave promptly. Parents will be contacted, and students will remain isolated in a designated room until they can be picked up. They will be advised to consult with their personal doctor to obtain a COVID-19 test.

    If a student comes down with a fever will they be required to get tested for COVID-19?
    For students who need to stay home or who are sent home due to COVID-19 related symptoms, their parents will receive instructions from school personnel on what they need to do in order to return to school and when. In some cases, this may include a student getting a COVID-19 test or seeing a physician. In other cases, it may include staying home in quarantine for a defined time period. We will rely upon guidelines from medical professionals and public health officials to make these determinations.

    How will students be monitored for symptoms?
    Parents are required to sign a form that will be included in Back to School Packets guaranteeing that they will monitor their students’ symptoms and temperatures daily before they leave for school. Employees are required to do the same. The information gathered by the school will be treated with the proper privacy and confidentiality restrictions which apply to all student health information required by the school.

    Will students have their temperature taken daily at school?
    CMH reserves the right to randomly check temperatures throughout the day or on demand if symptoms are identified.

    How will I be notified if my child has been exposed to COVID-19?
    If a member of our community tests positive for COVID-19, school officials will communicate depending on the specifics of the situation. Privacy considerations, as well as the health and safety of the entire school community, will be considered. Depending on the situation, we may need to inform the entire community, but we also may not. We will make these decisions in consultation with local health officials and with our administration.

    How will contact tracing be conducted?
    If a member of the CMH community tests positive for COVID-19, the medical center conducting the test will notify the local health department, who will notify the person and Catholic Memorial High School. Local health officials will carry out contact tracing procedures with cooperation from CMH administration.

    Will my child be required to quarantine if they are exposed to COVID-19?
    For anyone in close contact with an infected person, the CDC is requiring a 14-day quarantine period, whether symptomatic or not. (See Academics Technology section for information on our remote learning capabilities for students who are feeling well enough to maintain their studies.) The Waukesha County Health Department will notify those who have been in close contact with an individual who has tested positive.

    What is considered "close contact"?
    Waukesha County Health Department defines “close contact” as having been less than 6 feet away from an infected person for 15+ minutes.

    Does the district have a plan for emotional support of students with increased anxiety about the risks posed by attending school in a pandemic?
    Yes. We have partnered with Christian Family Solutions to provide access to mental health support for our students. They will have a therapist on site at CMH three days per week.

    What prevention measures will be in place for those students who ride a bus to school?
    Masks must be worn by all riders on buses. Seats will be assigned in alphabetical order to aid in contact tracing. All riders will physically distance as much as possible. CMH will comply with all bus company policies regarding health and safety. Bus companies are implementing enhanced cleaning and other policies in consultation with health departments and school districts.

    How will lunch be handled for staff and students?
    Taher’s cafeteria service will eliminate self-service items, including the salad bar. Seating will be available in multiple designated locations with limited capacities in each location. Booths and round and high-top tables will be removed and replaced with rectangle tables that seat two students. All students will face the same direction. Students will be provided the opportunity to eat outside with supervision in designated areas. Students will not be allowed to go to their cars.

    Cash and deposits will only be accepted before school (not during lunch time). Online payments via credit card (with a convenience fee) will also be accepted. 

    What will the athletic program look like in the fall?
    On July 21, the WIAA shared plans for fall sports. Low contact athletics will begin on August 17th, with higher contact athletic programs being delayed until September. CMH will continue to follow the guidance of the WIAA, the individual conference, and the local health department for all matters related to Crusader Athletics.

    Will Crusader fans be allowed to attend games?
    Rules regarding spectators will be decided by the sports conferences at a later date. CMH plans to stream all on-campus varsity sports events.

    Will my child be allowed to participate in extracurricular activities if s/he is attending school exclusively online?
    For students who are attending exclusively remotely, participation in extracurricular activities and athletics may also be exclusively remote. Opportunities will vary based on the sport, club, or activity.

    What will the performing arts look like?
    The Waukesha County Health Department has been consulted about live performances and audiences. The goal is to enable students to perform if we can do so safely. Decisions about specific performances will be made as we get closer to those dates.

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