Distance Learning

CMH Students Rise Amid COVID Crisis

When schools were abruptly closed March 16 due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the CMH faculty worked quickly to implement a distance learning academic plan that ensured CMH students didn’t lose momentum. Our extraordinary faculty adapted quickly to a virtual instruction environment, developing creative, remote learning experiences that kept students engaged. Get a glimpse into our remote classrooms!
At CMH, we recognize the diverse learning styles of every student. Individualized attention continues, whether in the classroom or virtually. We meet every student where they are to ensure they RISE. Teachers continue to connect one-on-one with students to ensure they feel supported academically, socially and emotionally. They even find time to have some virtual fun to let students know they are missed when they can’t be together.

Praise from Parents 

Parents are quick to express their gratitude to the CMH faculty for their continued commitment to excellence.

“Collectively we know how good this faculty is. But along came the pandemic and we got to see how truly special the CMH faculty are. Within a matter of days, they pivoted to teaching virtual classes … all while maintaining the personal touch they bring every day to the classroom.”
Glenn Kormanik, CMH Parent

“Certainly, teaching and learning has changed but our teachers continue to hold students accountable and they are not simply taking the easy out. They have been creative with their lessons and approach to teaching.”
Christina Holmes, CMH Parent

“I really hope looking back on this time, the students will remember not just the challenges, but I hope that they will remember all the love and support that you’ve given to them.”

Rising Through Faith & Service

Though we were separated by distance, our CMH community remained connected through our Catholic faith. Weekly messages from our chaplain, Fr. John Gibson, weekly virtual Rosary led by Mr. Steve Plechaty, Dean of Students, words of encouragement and blessing from our Ms. Claire Hoffmeyer, Director of Campus Ministry provided encouragement and opportunities to grow in faith as one community.


Our seniors demonstrated what it means to RISE above adversity! Despite incredible disappointment over the loss of once-in-a-lifetime milestone events caused by the pandemic, our seniors set the example for their younger counterparts! They exhibited what it means to live The Memorial Way. They rose above and persevered, demonstrating great professionalism. They studied hard, they found ways to connect
and continued to give back!

Though we could not celebrate our seniors in all the traditional ways, we came together to celebrate in fun, creative ways. We look forward to celebrating the traditional Baccalaureate Mass with the Class of 2020 on Sunday, August 2.