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The Catholic Memorial High School Legacy Alumni Awards Dinner is a biennial event held to celebrate alumni and friends of CMH who exemplify and sustain the CMH mission to educate, guide and prepare students to become leaders who serve the Church and the world. The awards presented include:
    • Professional Achievement Award
    • Distinguished Young Alumni Award
    • Caritas Service Award
    • Memorial Award (non-alumni only)

Please send any additional information to alumni@catholicmemorial.net.

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  • Legacy Alumni Awards Selection Committee

    The selection committee consists of up to 14, but no less than 8, members. Alumni and/or previous staff are represented by up to 8 members, and current school staff/faculty by two members. The Alumni Coordinator of Catholic Memorial High School will be a permanent member of the committee.

    While there are no explicit qualifications for appointees to the committee, care shall be exercised to select members who have knowledge of the history of Catholic Memorial High School and are representative of the various periods of that history. Members of the committee must abstain from voting if a member of his/her immediate family or relative is proposed.

    At initiation of the 2019 committee on 06/14/19, current alumni and/or previous staff committee members include Molly Finn ’05, Tom McInerny ’03, Bryon Riesch ’97, Ann Stollenwerk Maas ’77, Marcy Hinkes Dunlap ’76 and Al Banaszak ’62.

    For more information, please contact the Alumni Coordinator at 262-542-7102 or alumni@catholicmemorial.net
  • Criteria for the Legacy Alumni Awards

    The minimum requirements for election into the Legacy Alumni Awards are as follows:
    • Exemplifies living the Catholic Memorial mission in his/her personal and professional life.
    • For the Professional Achievement, Caritas Service and Distinguished Young Alumni awards, recipients must be alumni of Catholic Memorial.
    • For the Distinguished Young Alumni Award, alumni must receive the award within 15 years of graduating from Catholic Memorial. Should the nomination not be chosen within the 15-year timeframe, the nomination will expire, and someone will need to re-nominate the person under the Professional Achievement or Caritas Service award categories.
    • For the Memorial Award, recipient must NOT be an alumni of CMH, but has/have demonstrated distinguished leadership and/or service to Catholic Memorial. *
    There are no restrictions placed on the maximum/minimum number of inductees.
    Nomination forms will be kept for four years (or every two events since this is a biennial event) and reviewed if candidate is not inducted. Nomination forms will expire after that time unless someone re-nominates them.
    *Catholic Memorial reserves the right to remove any individual from the Legacy Alumni Awards for personal conduct which reflects discredit upon the school.
  • Bylaws of the Legacy Alumni Awards

    Candidates for selection to the Legacy Alumni Awards shall be proposed by CMH leadership, faculty and staff, alumni, students, and friends of Catholic Memorial High School. Solicitations of recommendations shall be accomplished through CMH publications and the online nomination form.

    The selection committee will accept nominations for induction of Catholic Memorial graduates and friends of CMH who exemplify and sustain the CMH mission to educate, guide and prepare students to become leaders who serve the Church and the world. Candidates must have distinguished themselves and, ideally, CMH in their endeavors while a student at or as an alumni or community member of Catholic Memorial.

    The final selection of the inductees will rest with the committee which will review the proposed candidates and others the committee members might recommend.
    Final inductees will be confirmed by the President of CMH.

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2019 Inductees

    • Cheryl Hutchinson Blackstone

      Cheryl Hutchinson Blackstone '86, Professional Achievement Award

    • Mary Kuemmel Petrie

      Mary Kuemmel Petrie '76, Caritas Service Award

    • Ashley Dentice Miller

      Ashley Dentice Miller '01 & Meredith Dentice Johnson '09, Distinguished Young Alumnae

    • Bev McCarthy, AP ’76, ’77, ’79, ’80, ’81, ’83, ’87, Memorial Award

      Bev McCarthy, AP ’76, ’77, ’79, ’80, ’81, ’83, ’87, Memorial Award