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As we raise our families in faith, to love and learn God’s truth, beauty and goodness, we are blessed to have the entire Catholic Memorial community to support our students.
Blessed Lent!
At Catholic Memorial, we are focusing efforts on learning and living “To be an Easter People.” Each week, Fr. John is leading us by means of video to help guide our hearts and minds through this Lenten Season.
Last week, he spoke on the power and purpose of prayer and fasting, and how the practice of abstaining from food fuels prayer as powerfully today as it did in the Old Testament. (Click here to watch “The Power and Purpose of Fasting.”) Harnessing the power of prayer and fasting to help others is a noble and honorable act. 
As our nation again mourns the loss of precious lives of teens due to unexplainable violence, this week’s message from Fr. John, recorded before the tragic events in Florida, is focused on “Finding Meaning in Suffering and Sacrifice” and is particularly poignant.  Like all of you, my husband and I cannot fathom the pain the parents in Florida (and too many other school communities) are facing today.  Fr John’s message reminds us of the deep love of Jesus who, by becoming man, experienced suffering and paid an amazing debt so that our sins would be forgiven.  I pray to Jesus daily for the families in Florida and I know you do too.
Admittedly, like many of you, I struggle to understand suffering when that suffering is due to violence against innocent children. It may seem that society is becoming more secular, that it lacks a religious foundation and moral compass where children often pay the price.  I believe our country continues it’s deep traditions in faith but for some reason being an outward role model as a disciple of Jesus has become unacceptable.   At Catholic Memorial we teach our students to be proud of their faith and to lead with their faith. We are blessed to have a community to count on – to pray with – to love. 
Continued blessings to you and your family this Lenten Season.  You can view this week’s video from Fr. John, “Finding Meaning in Suffering and Sacrifice” by clicking here.
I pray that God’s mercy brings you peace.
Peace and Blessings to all!

Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!

Donna Bembenek
President, Catholic Memorial High School
Proud Mom of Lindsay ’07 and Scott ’13
    • The new Our Lady of Memorial statue and Chapel dedication inscription on the outside of the building. Taken Oct. 18, 2017.

      The new Our Lady of Memorial statue and Chapel dedication inscription on the outside of the building. Taken Oct. 18, 2017.