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Educate, Guide, Prepare & Serve

Catholic Memorial High School is so much more than a high school. It is a community dedicated to educating, guiding, and preparing our students so they can serve as leaders in the Church and the world. Day in and day out our passionate educators strive to challenge and empower our students so that they reach their fullest potential. It is our mission to prepare our students to succeed in college and beyond in the spirit of Catholic Memorial.

Our school is committed to providing the strongest Catholic education in Waukesha County and in the greater region of Southeastern Wisconsin. The academic program we provide emphasizes an interconnectedness of courses and the needed perspective to cultivate our student’s understanding of the world around them. Our academic departments continuously develop unique learning experiences which result in high academic achievement as well as a deepening of personal faith formation.

In accordance with Vision 2020, our Strategic Plan, we continue to be dedicated to fostering a variety of academic skills as well as action-oriented service within the local community. We strive to further inspire growth in the areas of leadership and social engagement so that all of our students gain the requisite skills needed to be successful in college and life beyond.

This year our school theme is “Built together; Christ the Capstone.” This theme evokes our spirit as a community and our commitment to the Memorial values, but it also calls to mind our desire to provide the best facilities and resources for our students, including a new chapel space that will be completed January 2018 and our ongoing developments in the areas of innovation and instructional technology.

Thank you for considering Catholic Memorial and being part of what is truly a blessed educational ministry of the Church. It is our sincere honor to serve this community as we help to shape the future in creating generations of servant leaders.