As you begin preparations for this new school year, do you know what gives you energy?
Shopping for just about anything thrills me. I find so much joy from pursuing deals, especially when frequenting St. Vincent de Paul’s thrift store. However, nothing compares to the excitement of organization and potential that Back-to-School shopping delivers for me. Ever since I was a little girl, shopping for school supplies has given me so much energy. Immediately when stepping into the office supply store my creative juices would start flowing and I would be mapping out my subject folders and color-coding systems for my desks, cubbies or lockers. I feel a return of this energy as I prepare a new office for a new school year at a new place of ministry.
So I ask again: As you begin preparations for this new school year, do you know what gives you energy? Are you aware of the driving forces that motivate you to start anew, fresh and equipped to begin your return to campus? How are you spending your time preparing? Are you shopping for school supplies (if so, can I join you?) or are you updating your closet? Did you grow out of anything from last year – and I do not just mean your shoes – but are there unhealthy habits to drop and healthier ones to integrate into your routine? Has your prayer life grown stale? Do your friendships need a reboot?
Now is the time to incorporate new habits that will set you up for success. For me, preparing an organized and stylish work space helps me focus and move forward into a spirit of warmth and welcome. Beyond my shopping adventures, know that preparing a space for YOU here at Catholic Memorial High School is high on my list of thrills. Be assured of my prayers and support now as you inch your way back to campus. Hurry back – I cannot wait to meet you!
Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!
Ms. Hoffmeyer
Director of Campus Ministry

Constantly Strive for Something Greater

If there’s one thing that defines a high school setting during the summer, it’s change! Anyone on campus could tell you that there is plenty of moving and rearranging going on—all in preparation for a new school year.
That is certainly the case for me this summer, as I get ready to begin a new assignment at Catholic Memorial. With change and newness comes a great deal of excitement, but it can also be very challenging. Leaving familiarity and moving into the unknown isn’t exactly easy. But as much as change might be difficult to embrace, it’s also good for us, particularly in the spiritual life.
In order to grow, one must undergo a change. It is a sign of spiritual stagnancy if we are simply clinging to what is comfortable and familiar. If we are not constantly striving for something greater, allowing the Lord to transform us in the process, we are placing ourselves in great spiritual danger. The path to holiness is a long process of transformation—and one that is never complete in this life. It is a process of constantly allowing the Lord to purify, transform, and even sometimes destroy certain areas of our life. Much like a school setting, which is constantly in need of tearing down and building up, so our souls are always in need of the same.
As Catholic Memorial High School prepares for a new school year, I invite you, in prayer, to ask the Lord what might be in need of renewal, and to put away the old self so as to put on the new self, “created in God’s way in righteousness and holiness of truth” (Ephesians 4:22-24).
Have a safe and happy summer, everyone!
Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!
Fr. John Gibson
Catholic Memorial High School Chaplain


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Students will get to experience retreats with their individual classes each year that encourage students to put into practice daily what is taught, grow spiritually, and bond with their classmates.

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  • Freshman

    The Freshman Retreat is a one day event hosted at the Schoenstatt Retreat Center. One third of the freshman class will attend on each day, along with upper-class peer leaders and faculty members. This retreat emphasizes imitating Christ’s example of servant leadership. Students should walk away from the day able to identify characteristics of servant leaders, characteristics of servant leadership that they possess, and a growing awareness that service is a response of Christian discipleship. The day will integrate prayer, witness, large group and small group discussion and will conclude with a celebration of the Eucharist.

  • Sophomore

    The Sophomore Retreat will allow us to dive deep into what it means to be created in God’s divine image and likeness, how to continue to grow into more loving persons, and how to allow Caritas to blossom in all our relationships. Content for this retreat is based on the text Theology of the Body for Teens; Discovering God’s Plan for Love and Life by Jason and Crystalina Evert with Brian Butler. The Sophomore Retreat is an overnight event hosted at the Schoenstatt Retreat Center. One quarter of the class will attend on each day, along with upper-class peer leaders and faculty members.
  • Junior

    Most Juniors are preparing for Confirmation and will attend a retreat through their home Parish.
  • Senior

    The three-fold goal of our retreat is as follows: to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus and to invite Seniors to follow the way of Christ as they prepare to enter the world beyond high school; to build and to experience a sense of Christian community among those going on retreat; and to provide opportunities for Seniors to deepen, strengthen and heal relationships with classmates.

    The CMH Senior Retreat is a long-standing tradition at our high school and is another way in which we reach out to students to help them develop personally and spiritually. We look forward to providing these days of reflecting, sharing, prayer, sacrament, and personal growth.