CMH Homecoming Guest Pass

CMH Homecoming Guest Passes need to be filled out and presented at the time the CMH student purchases Homecoming Dance tickets. The pass provides us with names and phone numbers we can contact if needed on the night of the dance.

The Homecoming Dance is Saturday, September 21, 8-11 PM in the InPro Gym.


Beyond the Classroom

The life of a student at CMH is a fulfilled one! CMH offers students many opportunities to develop 21st century learning skills. Extra-curricular activities supplement the learning activities in our core programs and provide students a chance to excel and develop these skills. 
Activities give students a chance to pursue areas of interest with other students, which develop positive student relationships and school climate.

We recommend student participation in at least one activity to promote the social-emotional growth needed in our community. 98% of our students participate in at least one co-curricular activity and more than 95% of our students participate in community service.