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Catholic Memorial High School is a college preparatory school offering a variety of academic courses to meet multiple learning abilities, CMH is truly a school dedicated to learning at all levels. The course offerings at CMH encourage critical thinking, enhance communication skills and foster talent-driven innovation.

In CMH's smaller school environment, students are given the unique opportunity to focus on leadership skills and character development through involvement in various clubs, sports and activities.

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IB & AP Courses Only Private school in WI to offer both

STEM Education Awarded for STEM curriculum 6 years running

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Want a peek into what makes Catholic Memorial High School so unique? Check out out 2022-23 Viewbook - a comprehensive guide to the mission, values, and academic standards that set Catholic Memorial High School apart.

What our community says

McInerny, Tom (2)

I will always be grateful to my parents for giving me the gift of a Catholic Memorial education. When I reflect on my time at CMH, two things always standout. The lifelong friendships I formed and secondly how prepared I was for college.

Tom McInerny '03

CMH Alumnus

Steph Diedrich

At CMH, our faculty’s focus towards building strong relationships with our students is critical to helping students succeed. Once I understand my students as human beings, I can get so much more out of them in class. It allows us to elevate everyone academically, socially and spiritually.

Stephanie Diedrich

Current CMH Faculty Member

Ashley Hernandez

The individual attention that students receive from their teachers, coaches and club mentors is amazing. Everyone gets to know you and really helps you push yourself to achieve more in your interests. CMH is a family where everyone is rooting for each other.

Ashley Hernandez '21

CMH Alumnus

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