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How to Schedule a Tour

There is no better way to get a feel for the experience of a school day at Catholic Memorial High School than to see it for yourself. 

To schedule a tour of Catholic Memorial High School:
Parents or guardians can set up a shadow day for a child by filling out the form for the date of their choice.

If there are any questions, please contact the Admissions office at

Schedule a Tour or Shadow Visit

Experience Catholic Memorial High School firsthand by scheduling a tour.

Catholic Memorial High School encourages future students to meet the faculty and staff, walk through the warm and welcoming facilities, and observe the stunning Our Lady of Memorial Chapel. Learn about CMH’s philosophy that will help students achieve more and rise higher than they ever thought possible.

Admission Contacts


Mrs. Sally Wozniak
Associate Director of Enrollment

  • Enrollment Process
  • Private Tours
  • Transfer Students
  • International Students

Phone: 262-542-7101 ext: 568



Ms. Molly McCourt
Admissions Associate

  • Tuition Assistance
  • Wisconsin Parental Choice Program
  • Shadow Visits
  • Grade School High Interest Days

Phone: 262-542-7101 ext: 551


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a shadow day?

Prospective students will “shadow” a host student from 9 am to 1 pm, getting a feel for the academic and social aspects of student life at CMH and learning why it is great to be a Crusader!

Who can shadow at Catholic Memorial High School?

7th and 8th grade students are encouraged to spend the day at CMH.

How do I schedule a shadow day?

Parents or guardians can set up a shadow day for a child by filling out the form for the event date of their choice. If there are any questions, please contact the Admissions office at

When do shadow days take place?

Shadow days are offered during the academic year, September-May, when students are in session. Typically shadow days are available most Tuesday-Fridays. To view available dates, click here.

Who will I shadow during my visit to Catholic Memorial High School?

It’s our goal to help students have the best day possible. Staff will match students with a CMH freshman or sophomore that shares similar academic and extracurricular interests. If shadowing students know a current CMH student, the Admissions team will try to accommodate any requests.

Where and when should I arrive for my shadow day?

Please arrive and enter through the main entrance of CMH (off College Ave. and into the circle drive) to the Welcome Desk (located at the top of the entrance stairs). Shadow days are from 9 am to 1 pm. At the conclusion of the shadow day, students can be picked up from the main entrance.

What about lunch?

Lunch is on CMH for the day. Each shadowing student will receive a lunch voucher.

What to wear and bring?


  • Student guests may bring a water bottle and a backpack or small bag.
  • Student guests are advised to bring a book should a teacher give a quiz or test during class.
  • Cell phone use is prohibited for all students during the school day.
  • Student guests must follow the CMH dress code: clothing that is neat and clean; shirts with or without collars; khakis, dress slacks, jeans or cords must include zippers, pockets and belt loops; shoulder straps for tops and dresses that are at least three inches of width on the shoulder. Clothing that is not permitted includes: tight or revealing clothing; torn, ripped or frayed clothing; sweatpants, athletic pants or athletic shorts; dresses, skirts or shorts that are more than three inches above the knee; shirts advertising alcohol or tobacco products.

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