Faith & Service

Faith-Based Education

At Catholic Memorial High School, we educate students as individuals, intellectually and spiritually. We guide students to work to their highest, God-given potential. We prepare them for post-secondary education and to become leaders who serve the Church and the world.

History - Faith and Service

Catholic Memorial High School was founded by the determined parishioners of St. Joseph Parish who, in the early 1920's, began raising funds for a future high school. Their goal of providing a high quality Catholic education for the area's youth remained strong and unwavering and their hope became a reality in 1949 when CMH opened its doors. Today, Catholic Memorial High School stands as a living memorial to the 23 young men of St. Joseph Parish who gave their lives for their country in World War II. 

Later, the  dedication of the school was extended to include all graduates of Catholic Memorial High School who have died in service to their country.

How Catholic Memorial High School Students Rise Through Faith

Catholic Memorial High School inspires young people to learn and grow in their faith.

Catholic Memorial High School believes that if you guide students with love, teach them how to work for what they believe in, and coach them on how to live an ethical life, they will have the strength and confidence to do what's right. And what's right for them is often what's right for the world.

Professing Their Faith

In addition to coursework in theology, CMH students can openly and proudly profess their faith through:

  • Involvement in CMH faith-based and service clubs
  • Participation in service projects
  • Leadership in Campus Ministry Class retreats:
    These spiritual experiences encourage students to put their faith into practice and build strong, lasting friendships. Students have said the class retreats are among the most profound and memorable experiences of the school year
  • Opportunities to pray the Rosary offered weekly
  • Experience through the Sacraments:
    -The Eucharist is celebrated weekly in the beautiful Our Lady of Memorial Chapel, during larger monthly all-school Masses and on Holy Days
    -All-school Reconciliation services are offered during Advent and Lent
    -Individual weekly opportunities are also available
  • Weekly class expressions and explorations of faith through prayerful dialogue with the CMH Chaplain during discussions in the Our Lady of Memorial Chapel

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