Welcome, Catholic Memorial Alumni

Catholic Memorial High School strives to create a network of graduates across the world.

Within the alumni network, students can keep up with the latest news from their alma mater and former classmates. Catholic Memorial High School encourages students to share what they’ve been up to or their exciting life events since graduation, and participate in upcoming reunions, school, and alumni events. The staff and student body love hearing from alumni and celebrating their successes.

Alumni Map - 2021

Help Us Find Our Missing Alumni!

Catholic Memorial High School attempts to remain in contact with all alumni. Over the years, we have unfortunately lost contact with individuals. We rely on the lifelong friendships made at Catholic Memorial to help us find alumni who have moved or changed names over the years. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated for either your classmates, or even someone in another class.

Can alumni visit and worship at Catholic Memorial High School?

Catholic Memorial High School’s beloved building has evolved over the past few years, and visitors who have not stopped by in a while are encouraged to come for a tour! 

We always welcome Alumni and their families to worship with the Catholic Memorial High School community at weekly Chapel Masses (Tues.-Thurs.) in the new Our Lady of Memorial Chapel, as well as across the valley for a monthly all-school mass at St. Mary’s. (Due to COVID guidelines, please call to confirm Mass schedule)

Catholic Memorial High School cherishes alumni family and would like to continue to celebrate their accomplishments, support their endeavors and keep everyone as connected as possible. CMH has a network of over 13,000 alumni worldwide, and students and staff are proud of all who pursued their dreams and carried on Memorial’s motto: Caritas in Omnibus, Charity in All Things. Catholic Memorial High School has a proud history and thriving present, with even more excitement on the horizon, and it is all because of the engagement, support, and legacy of the alumni!