About Catholic Memorial High School Reunions

Catholic Memorial High School makes it very simple to plan high school or class reunions by implementing several ways to help former students connect with classmates, get communications out, secure reunion locations, and even manage registrations. The Alumni Relations Coordinator will take care of all the details.

The year of 2020 was an unconventional year and many reunions were rescheduled to 2021. CMH is excited to help everyone celebrate and reconnect in the safest ways possible. CMH encourages  classes to connect every year for reunions and especially important milestone years (a student’s graduating class ends in 5, 6, 0 or 1, it is time!)

Connect With Students

Alumni are always welcome at CMH for a tour or to connect with students in a variety of helpful ways from taking part in many service projects, attending the Homecoming Game and Homecoming Alumni events, organizing an internship through their company, sharing a career path with students at CMH’s career connection events, speaking to individual classes or clubs, coaching on teams, attending school events including the Student Art Show, CMH Musical, Athletic Events, Celebrating Lives of Service Ceremony, celebrating All-School Masses and much more.

Plan your next reunion by emailing or calling Katie Warns-Riesch '98 at 262.542.7102.

Upcoming Class Reunions