Legacy Awards

2024 Legacy Awards Information

Catholic Memorial High School is honored to announce the 2024 Legacy Award recipients, Christopher Rebholz ’81 and Dr. Kathleen Cepelka. The Legacy Awards are presented to CMH alumni and community members who live the Catholic Memorial mission personally and professionally.

Thank you to those who attended the 75th Diamond Jubilee – Crusader Auction to honor the 2024 Legacy Award recipients on Saturday, February 17, 2024.

We look forward to honoring our 2025 recipients at the Annual Crusader Auction on Saturday, February 15, 2025.

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2024 Legacy Award Recipients

Christopher Rebholz

Professional Achievement Legacy Award - Christopher Rebholz '81

Chris has made an indelible name in the regional and national business community as an accomplished “serial entrepreneur.” Mr. Rebholz's diverse portfolio of companies is a testament to his ability to adapt and conquer new industries. He has an extensive business development history that includes being the founder and CEO of Christopher Morgan Fulfillment Services, co-founder/Chairman of Fortress Nutrition, and New Berlin Beverage Company along with his wife Kelly Cleary-Rebholz, Partner in Cannella Response Television, co-founder Board Chairman of Follicle Corp/AER cell, and Investor/Board Chairman of Wisconsin Brewing Company & Lake Louie Brewery. His impressive professional achievements are matched by his passion for his family, philanthropy, and conviction to serve the community. Chris is actively involved in supporting healthcare and education initiatives with he and Kelly’s Rebholz Family Fund, supporting Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Variety Clubs Children’s Charities, St. Anthony on the Lake, and Catholic Memorial High School. He is not only a proud CMH alumnus, and active supporter of the school, but also an alumni parent of three accomplished daughters, Alexandra ’18, Morgan ’18 and Reagan ’22.

Dr. Kathleen Cepelka

Memorial Legacy Award - Dr. Kathleen Cepelka

Dr. Cepelka was the Superintendent of Catholic Schools for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee from 2010 through 2022. She has served in Catholic education for 53 years in teaching and administrative roles at the elementary, secondary, and graduate school level. From 1999 to 2007, she was the principal of Catholic Memorial High School, helping to make a significant impact on thousands of Crusaders with her unwavering dedication to leading with faith and commitment to CMH students and families. She has held numerous positions as a Catholic school administrator, board member, teacher, and leader over the years. Upon her retirement in 2022, she was named Superintendent Emerita for the Archdiocese of Milwaukee. Dr. Cepelka has been honored with several awards including the Vatican II Award for Service to Education from the Archdiocese of Milwaukee and the John F. Myers Award from the National Catholic Education Association for service to Catholic education at the national level. She is an inspiration to all for her kindness, leadership, and commitment to Catholic education.

Legacy Awards Presented

The Professional Achievement Award is presented to an alumnus/a who has:

  • Reached a level of excellence in his/her career, including:
  • Professional achievement
  • Distinguished leadership
  • Service to their profession and greater community
  • Exemplified the Catholic Memorial High School mission in both his/her personal and professional life.

The Memorial Award is presented to a non-alumnus/a who has:

Demonstrated distinguished leadership and/or service to Catholic Memorial High School through:

  • Volunteering
  • Donations
  • Leading committees
  • Planning, managing and strengthening CMH events
  • Exemplified the CMH motto of “Charity in All Things” in both his/her personal and professional life.


About The Awards

The Catholic Memorial High School Legacy Awards celebrate alumni and friends of CMH who exemplify and sustain the mission to educate, guide and prepare students to become leaders to serve the church and the world.

New in 2024, the Legacy Awards will be presented during the Annual Crusader Auction as we reflect on the visionaries who helped move CMH forward and celebrate what is yet to come.


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Recent Legacy Award Recipients

Thank you to all attendees at the 2019 Legacy Alumni Awards to celebrate Cheryl Blackstone ’86, Bev McCarthy, Mary Petrie ’76, Ashley Miller ’01 and Meredith Johnson ’09!

It was an inspiring celebration of what it means to be a part of the CMH family and the positive impact that CMH students, alumni, parents, and alumni parents have on the

Criteria for the Legacy Awards

The minimum requirements for election into the Legacy Alumni Awards are as follows:

  • Exemplifies living the Catholic Memorial High School mission in his/her personal and professional life.
  • For the Professional Achievement, Caritas Service, and Distinguished Young Alumni awards, recipients must be alumni of Catholic Memorial High School.
  • For the Distinguished Young Alumni Award, alumni must receive the award within 15 years of graduating from Catholic Memorial High School. Should the nomination not be chosen within the 15-year timeframe, the nomination will expire, and someone will need to re-nominate the person under the Professional Achievement or Caritas Service award categories.
  • For the Memorial Award, the recipient must NOT be alumni of CMH but has/have demonstrated distinguished leadership and/or service to Catholic Memorial High School. *

Nomination forms will be kept for 2 years and reviewed if a candidate is not inducted. Nomination forms will expire after that time unless someone re-nominates them.

*Catholic Memorial High School reserves the right to remove any individual from the Legacy Alumni Awards for personal conduct which reflects discredit upon the school.

Bylaws of the Legacy Awards

Candidates for selection to the Legacy Awards shall be proposed by CMH leadership, faculty and staff, alumni, students, and friends of Catholic Memorial High School. Solicitations of recommendations shall be accomplished through CMH publications and the online nomination form.

The selection committee will accept nominations for induction of Catholic Memorial High School graduates and friends of CMH who exemplify and sustain the CMH mission to educate, guide and prepare students to become leaders who serve the Church and the world. Candidates must have distinguished themselves and, ideally, CMH in their endeavors while a student at or as an alumni or community member of Catholic Memorial High School.

The final selection of the inductees will rest with the committee which will review the proposed candidates and others the committee members might recommend.

Final inductees will be confirmed by the President of CMH.

Previous Legacy Alumni Award Winners

  • Professional Achievement Award - Cheryl Hutchinson Blackstone '86
  • ​Caritas Service Award - Mary Kuemmel Petrie '76
  • ​Distinguished Young Alumni Award - Ashley Dentice Miller '01 & Meredith Dentice Johnson '09
  • ​Memorial Award - Bev McCarthy AP ’76, ’77, ’79, ’80, ’81, ’83, ’87, Alumni Grandparent ’03
  • Professional Achievement Award - Jerry Jendusa '85
  • ​Caritas Service Award - Ann Stollenwerk Maas '77
  • ​Distinguished Young Alumni Award - Jeff Krause '03
  • ​Memorial Award - Tom & Kristi Czarnecki AP ’10, ’12, ’13
  • Professional Achievement Award - Marie Smith O’Brien ’80
  • ​Caritas Service Award - Debra Behring Schneider ’79
  • ​Distinguished Young Alumni Award - Krystina Finn ’07 (posthumous)
  • ​Memorial Award - Art & Mary Stout AP ’03, ’06, ’11
  • Professional Achievement Award - John Bunce ’67
  • ​Caritas Service Award - Mary Beth ’77 (Armstrong) and Tom Gotzler ’77
  • ​Distinguished Young Alumni Award - Matt Sabljak ’02
  • ​Memorial Award - JoAnn Krause AP ’03, ’05, ’11
  • Professional Achievement Award - Timothy Sullivan ’71
  • Caritas Service Award - Ann Marie Wick ’88
  • Distinguished Young Alumni Award - Dimas Ocampo ’97
  • Memorial Award - Mary Kinateder AP ’98, ’00, ’02
  • Professional Achievement Award - Col. Gregory J. Rosenmerkel ’84
  • Alumni Service Award - Karolyn Kneser Krueger ’69
  • Distinguished Young Alumni - Bryon Riesch ’97

Memorial Award

  • Mr. & Mrs. Larry Neuman AP ’67, ’69, ’70, ’72, ’74, ’75, ’78, ’84
  • Mr. & Mrs. M.E. (Bob) Nevins AP ’63, ’65, ’66, ’70, ’73, ’74, ’77, ’80, ’82
  • Mr. & Mrs. John Nevins AP ’71, ’73, ’75
  • Memorial Award - Pat Farrell
  • Outstanding Service to Society - Sarah Holtz ’00
  • Outstanding Service to Profession - Marty Frank
  • Outstanding Service to Memorial - Judy & Jerry Boll AP ’03, ’07, ’11
  • Outstanding Alumnus Award - Joe Vitale ’56
  • G.O.L.D. - Tara Schmitt ’00
  • Outstanding Service to Profession - Chadd Frank ’90
  • Outstanding Service to Memorial - Sandi Streit Keyser ’62
  • Outstanding Service to Society - Bobby Warns ’99 (posthumous)
  • Memorial Award - Dennis Sage AP ’83, ’85, ’93, ’98, ’04
  • G.O.L.D. - Leslie Osborne ’01
  • Outstanding Service to Profession - Tim Hanley ’74
  • Outstanding Service to Memorial - John Bisswurm ’77
  • Outstanding Service to Society - Mary Jo MacGregor ’81
  • Memorial Award - Ken Riesch AP ’96, ’97, ’01, ’05

Alumni of the year

  • 1995 Michael Desch ’78
  • 1996 Steve Gerstner ’91 (posthumous)
  • 1997 Kathleen Falk ’69
  • 1998 Hannah Dugan ’77
  • 1999 John Gabelbauer ’66
  • 2001/2002 Franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity
  • 2003 Jim Scrima ’61
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