The Arts

Visual Art, Music and Theater

At Catholic Memorial, students have the opportunity to excel in the arts. With a wide variety of options from courses, clubs and activities, students can excel in their individual artistic interests. CMH focuses on guiding students to be creative and collaborative to RISE to new heights academically, socially and spiritually.

Art Programs at Catholic Memorial
High School

Students have the opportunity to explore their artistic interests through a wide range of mediums. A beloved CMH tradition, the annual Art Show is a stunning showcase of talent featuring more than 1,000 works of art created by more than 200 students. The event also spotlights award-winning pieces from several state and national competitions.

Music Programs at Catholic Memorial
High School

Students are encouraged to discover and hone their musical gifts through music curriculum and extracurricular offerings including Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Concert Choir and 1B Music. CMH is a member of the Wisconsin School Music Association (WSMA), which provides students the outlet to perform at events and festivals on a larger stage.

Performing Arts at Catholic Memorial
High School

The Performing Arts Program at Catholic Memorial High School is the most acclaimed in the state. Three annual productions are hosted in the fall, winter, and spring. Students can expand and diversify their performance skills through productions spanning several genres. CMH is the #1 most-awarded performing arts program in Wisconsin.

CMH Performing Arts Accolades

17 consecutive critics' choice awards (festival's highest honor)

11 inductees into the Wisconsin High School Theatre Hall of Fame

17 outstanding ensemble awards for the story telling

17 Outstanding director awards

2 Tech Awards

1 Outstanding Crew Award

60+ Individual Outstanding Acting Awards

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