About Catholic Memorial High School

Welcome to Where You Rise

Catholic Memorial High School is a private high school located in Waukesha, Wisconsin. Founded in 1949, CMH is a college preparatory high school emphasizing value-based education that strengthens the character of the whole student intellectually and spiritually.

Ranked as a Top STEM School in the Nation by PLTW.org and recognized by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee as an Exemplary School for Academic Excellence.

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Catholic Memorial High School Values


School spirit and pride, alumni engagement, recognition of CMH legacy, passionate advocacy


Belief in God and belief in the goodness of the human person in the image of Christ


Integrity, open-minded dialogue, mutual support, a safe learning environment


Recognition of each person‘s talent, motivated by gratitude and humility


Understanding of global history, culture, and economics while fostering engagement with people around the world


Set expectations, communicate, collaborate, commit to personal, professional, and academic growth and be accountable


Strive to be the best, put God‘s gifts to work: academically, athletically, and artistically

Caritas in Omnibus

Genuine care for and interest in the lives of others

Mission - Inspiration and Education

Catholic Memorial High School inspires and educates in faith. It is through these faith-based principles that students develop as leaders, as scholars and as contributors to society.

This is how Catholic Memorial High School helps students rise to every challenge and overcome every obstacle. Here, students become the very best version of themselves, fully prepared for lifelong success. And at Catholic Memorial High School, we expect nothing less.

Our Mission Statement:

At Catholic Memorial High School, we educate students as individuals, intellectually and spiritually. We guide students to work to their highest, God-given potential. We prepare them for post secondary education and to become leaders who serve the Church and the world.

More About Catholic Memorial High School

Purpose - Community and Inclusivity

Catholic Memorial High School is an inclusive community where all students are inspired to explore and realize their God-given potential.

Caring and Safe Environment

Located in a safe neighborhood, our teachers and administration provide an atmosphere of inclusivity that helps students feel safe and accepted.

Rigorous Academics

Catholic Memorial High School is a leading academic institution that educates the whole person, providing a lasting and positive effect on their character. Families can feel confident that those standards are kept whether in a traditional in- person classroom setting or a combination of remote learning.


Catholic Memorial High School helps build character with faith-based values that instill a moral compass to guide students through the rest of their life.


Co-ed classrooms provide a real-world environment where men and women learn to work with and respect one another as leaders- just as students will in their college, career, and life.

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