President’s Message

Donna Bembanek President

Donna Bembenek

President, Catholic Memorial High School

Proud Mom of Lindsay ’07 and Scott ’13

Greetings from Catholic Memorial High School,

The past year has tested our country and our community in many ways.  Schools have taken on the important responsibility of finding innovative ways to educate children amidst this pandemic.  We can all be very proud of the commitment the CMH faculty and staff have made to be in our school five days each week for in-person instruction.

The four years of high school are critically formative for young people. During this time, students are developing academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually. They are acquiring the confidence and the strong moral compass that will guide them in the years that follow high school and throughout life.  Our co-educational classrooms prepare students for college and life in an environment that mirrors the real world, a co-ed world.  It is in our environment, with the support of faculty and parents to guide them that they are learning how to make important decisions. All students, both young men, and young women - are provided numerous opportunities to grow as leaders. More importantly, they recognize and respect each other as leaders and as equals – just as it should be.

The academic rigor and the curriculum offered at CMH are the best available in Southeastern Wisconsin.  We are the only school offering both International Baccalaureate and AP courses.  Our STEM program is the best in the State as the only school in Wisconsin to be named a School of Distinction in STEM three years in a row. 

Through internships and project-based learning, we hone the individual talents of each student, so they can grow in ways they never imagined.  Our small class sizes allow our faculty and staff to personally know each student. Our extensive curriculum provides students the opportunity to select courses that ignite their passions and complement their learning abilities.

Our championship-level athletics, award-winning theatre program, and various extracurriculars drive students to perform at their very best. We inspire and educate in faith. It is through these faith-based principles our students develop as leaders, as scholars, and as contributors to society. Here, students become the very best version of themselves, fully prepared for lifelong success.

CMH graduates carry with them the conviction of knowing that they have the skills and abilities to pursue their dreams – grounded in faith, to serve God and our world. 

Thank you again for your interest in Catholic Memorial High School. 

Our Lady of Memorial, pray for us!