Robotics – Cybersaders

Catholic Memorial High Robotics Team

Catholic Memorial High School is proud to have the best STEM program in Wisconsin at the high school level, with national recognition from for exceptional curriculum and innovative opportunities for three consecutive years.

CMH students enjoy applying their STEM education to the real world through the robotics team, the CyberSaders!

The Catholic Memorial Robotics Team participates in the FirstRobotics competitions where they compete in the designed competition in which students are challenged to perform under strict rules and limited time and resources to build industrial-size robots to play a difficult field game in alliance with other teams. Students also create business plans for their competitions to elevate their communication skills and meet their goals for team fundraising, designing a team “brand,” and advancing respect and appreciation for STEM within the local community. The team meets throughout the year developing their skills and working on their robot for the competition phase of FirstRobotics that kicks off in early January.

Catholic Memorial’s CyberSaders team has earned Rookie of the Year for First Robotics and qualified for the World Championships. Students compete as a team in the qualifying event competitions and travel to the world championships out of state.

CyberSaders FirstRobotics Awards

  • 2016 First Robotics Rookie All-Star Award - Wisconsin Regional
  • 2017 First Robotics Finalist - Wisconsin Regional
Catholic Memorial High School Students on robotics team
Catholic Memorial High School Students work on robotics
Catholic Memorial High School Teacher with students

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