Athletic Hall of Fame Awards Nomination Form

A Tradition of Excellence

The Catholic Memorial Athletic Hall of Fame was founded to honor outstanding athletes, coaches, managers, other individuals, and now teams, who have made contributions to the winning tradition of the CMH Crusaders.



Criteria for athletics hall of fame

The minimum requirements for election into the Hall of Fame are as follows:

  • The candidate must have excelled in one or more sports while a student at Catholic Memorial High School.
  • Alumni must be a graduate for a minimum of seven years prior to being considered for induction into the Hall of
  • Coaches must be retired from the position at which they served or been actively coaching at CMH for a minimum of 10 years before being considered for
  • Athlete/Coach must have been in good standing while participating on or coaching an athletic Must have conducted self in such a way as to reflect honor on the school and must have exhibited these qualities of character and standards of conduct consistent with their status as a role model to the community after graduation or retirement from CMH.*

There are no restrictions placed on the maximum/minimum number of inductees. Nomination forms will be kept and reviewed annually if candidate is not inducted.

*Catholic Memorial reserves the right to remove any individual from the Hall of Fame for personal conduct which reflects discredit upon the school.

Bylaws for athletics hall of fame

Candidates for selection to the Hall of Fame shall be proposed by CMH leadership, faculty and staff, alumni, students, and friends of Catholic Memorial High School. Solicitations of recommendations shall be accomplished through CMH publications and the online nomination form.

The selection committee will accept nominations for induction of Catholic Memorial graduates who have excelled in one or more sports, as well as CMH coaches. Candidates must have distinguished themselves and CMH in their athletic endeavors while a student or a coach at Catholic Memorial.

The committee will also entertain recommendations of others to be recognized for outstanding services to the Crusader program. This category may include, but is not limited to, athletic directors, trainers, team physicians, as well as others whom the committee may approve.

The final selection of the inductees will rest with the committee which will review the proposed candidates and others the committee members might recommend.

Final inductees will be confirmed by the President of CMH.