Catholic Memorial High School Retreats

At Catholic Memorial High School, young people are inspired to learn and grow in their faith. Students should be guided with love, taught how to work for what they believe in, and coached on how to live an ethical life so they have the strength and confidence to do what’s right. And what's right for them is often what’s right for the world.

In addition to coursework in theology, CMH students can openly and proudly profess their faith in a variety of ways from joining the Campus Ministry team, joining faith-based and service-based clubs and also through participation in class retreats. Class retreats give every student the opportunity to bond and build strong, lasting friendships with classmates and grow emotionally and spiritually.

Students participate in retreats and also help plan and lead retreats as upperclassmen.

Freshman Retreats

Students enjoy a day-long retreat off-site to meet new students and learn more about the culture and history of Catholic Memorial. Students take part in various activities to grow and connect as a new member of the CMH family.

Sophomore Retreats

Retreats focus on individual topics for growth for girls and boys at day-long retreats. Student branch out and focus on reflection and the importance of inclusivity and leadership.

Junior Retreats

Students are encouraged to lead retreats for the younger classes and attend their Confirmation retreats at their Parishes. They begin to grow their faith and ability to spread it within their community and at home.

Senior Retreats

A culmination of experiences as a class at Catholic Memorial High School. The overnight retreat is off-site and focuses on their connection to Catholic Memorial, their growth individually and collectively as a class. 

Every year, students praise CMH retreats as one of the most impactful experiences they have at Catholic Memorial that solidifies their strength as a class and a member of the CMH family.