Career & College Planning

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Catholic Memorial’s Counseling Center believes the key to success in college placement lies within strategic preparation that begins freshman year. This process starts with students selecting an academic program that is challenging and geared toward their strengths. Naviance software is utilized in planning, including assessment tools to assist students with college and career readiness, exploring their area of interest and passion. This powerful program gives students a sense of confidence when selecting and pursuing their next steps after high school.  

The Counseling Center also hosts several seminars to assist students and parents in their college decision-making process. 

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Four-year Program Overview

The goal is to help CMH students adjust to the expectations of being a high school student. All freshmen meet their assigned school counselor at the beginning of the academic year to discuss their preferred learning style, organization skills, and a four-year course plan that meets their academic and career goals. Freshmen are informed of available student opportunities in their area of interest and are encouraged to participate. Counselors also discuss the importance of taking a balanced progression of rigorous courses throughout their high school career.  

  • Pre-ACT (Fall) 
  • Introduction to high school transcript and calculation of grade point average 
  • Learn and encourage use of preferred learning style for academic success  
  • Participate in Career Planning Day (Spring) 

Exam Preparation

A variety of ACT and SAT preparation opportunities review courses are provided to CMH students throughout the school year.  CMH’s average ACT score is 24.4 where Wisconsin’s average ACT score is 20.1 and the national’s average is 20.8.  

College Representative Visits

Approximately 80 college admissions representatives visit Catholic Memorial every year to provide relevant information about their school to prospective students to make informed-post-secondary decisions. 

College Scholarship Awards

College scholarship opportunities are available for CMH students every year. $18.8 million awarded in college scholarships to the Class of 2021. $22.1million awarded in college scholarships to the Class of 2022. 

Academic Career Planning Lessons

CMH school counselors guide students through the academic-career planning process in classrooms and individual meetings each year. Activities will enable students to understand the following: 

  • Their interests, strengths and learning styles  
  • Education opportunities and career pathways 
  • Habits and skill development to achieve postsecondary plans  


Naviance is a comprehensive college, career and life readiness tool CMH school counselors utilize to assist students each year in academic career planning and through the college application process. Each CMH student receives a Naviance account and can complete the following with their school counselor's assistance. 

  • Personality and Career Cluster Survey  
  • College Match Search  
  • Letter of Recommendation Requests  
  • Send college application materials