Hello, Catholic Memorial Alumni!

Thank you for visiting the Catholic Memorial High School alumni webpage! Here, you can reconnect with your alma mater and former classmates, share what you’ve been up to since graduation, learn more about upcoming reunions and school & alumni events, or simply update your information and share any exciting news with us. We love hearing from our alumni and celebrating your successes with you!

Our beloved building has continued to evolve over the past few years, so if you have not stopped by in a while, you have an open invitation to come for a tour! Of course, you are always welcome to worship with the Catholic Memorial community at our weekly Chapel Masses (Tues.-Thurs.) in our new Our Lady of Memorial Chapel, as well as join us across the valley for a monthly all-school mass at St. Mary’s.

Whenever you graduated, and regardless of where your path took you in the years since high school, you are an important part of the Catholic Memorial family for life. With an alumni base of 12,400 (and counting!) alumni worldwide, we are so proud of all who pursued their dreams and carried on Memorial’s motto: Caritas in Omnibus, Charity in All Things. Catholic Memorial has a proud history and thriving present, with even more excitement on the horizon, and it is all because of the engagement, support, and legacy of alumni like you!

Feel free to reach out to the alumni office at any time!
EMAIL alumni@catholicmemorial.net  |  PHONE 262-542-1229